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I had the most amazing four day weekend, I cannot even begin to tell you!  But you know me, I have to try…

Thanksgiving was a small affair with my parents and brother’s family.  It was laid back and delicious.  I can’t wait to share with you these carrots we had (recipe coming soon)!

Friday was a relaxing day at home with the family.  Lots of food, games, and laughter.

Saturday was the highlight for me.  My husband and I had the whole day to ourselves to shop, go out to eat, and see a movie.  He bought me some incredible new clothes, we met some new friends at lunch, and had a romantic evening over candlelight and italian food.

Today I’ve been trying to catch up on work, and wanted to share these new Florabella Color Action Sets I got with you in a cute picture of Will.  Florabella does some wonderful actions for Photoshop that I have been drooling over for months. I gave in to her Black Friday sale this weekend and am having so much fun with them!  Here are of few of my attempts…