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Today is just one of those days when I fantasize about being alone.  I think I even might have yelled at some point “Can I just go to the bathroom by myself for once!”  Oh, how I miss silence.

I was just thinking yesterday about how I spend about 50% of my thoughts on my kids; 25% on cleaning, cooking, taking care of life-stuff.  That only leaves 25% for the rest of my life- like God, my husband, my friends, my business, my blog, not to mention myself.  In my pre-kid days, that 25% was the whole 100.  Its crazy how life changes so quickly.

OK, back to my fantasy… You know that old question, if you were stranded on a deserted island, what 5 books would you want to have.  That’s my fantasy right now- to be stranded on an island all alone, with only 5 books.  To be honest, I would prefer if my husband could be stranded with me.  Its my fantasy, so I’ve decided he was on the ship that crashed.  Now I feel worried about where my kids are.  Were they on the ship?  No, they are safe at home with Grandma and Grandpa.  Whew, I feel better.  Back to that deserted island.

Since my husband isn’t a big reader, I get to pick the books.  First, a Bible.  We need that.  Next, a notebook, so I can record my thoughts.  I need to write to think.  Of course, and IPad, so Dan can have his technology (technically, it can become a book…). Fourth, the Lord of The Rings Trilogy- the greatest book ever written.  And last, the Harry Potter Series, because I just love them.

All right, I’m ready to get stranded.  Any time now the screaming and whining can stop…