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Here’s even more proof that this blog is aptly named…

Ian and I sat for 20 minutes, waiting for preschool to start, only to discover there was no school today.  Not only that, I forgot our teacher conference this morning, as well as the one where I was supposed to watch my friend’s child.  Also, Julia was 15 minutes late to school, and managed to disrupt the school wide assembly finding her class. And of course, the baby napped too long in the car, and now he is thinking that 40 minute nap was plenty, and he doesn’t want to get any more sleep thank you very much.

But, I’m not even very upset about it, you know why?  Because this morning Julia got ready nicely, and Ian hasn’t whined once today.  Now THAT is a great day!

Postscript… I was 20 minutes late picking Julia up today.  Way to finish well!

Token Adorable Baby Picture…